With director and creator  Will Nunziata - December 2021

Deepak Chopra and Val speak about the album antenna released in 2009. Interview on
Sirius XM -Wellness Stars in NYC/2011.

Valerie Geffner, The Bowery Electric, NYC Dec 8th, 2021

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ENGLISH CORNER, WITH LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question:  What does cholent, the typical stew that Ashkenazi Jews make for Shabbat, have to do with Valerie Geffner’s music?

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Come Back to me, is a dreamy song of longing, a track for the morning thru the late evening. Written by David Sisko and David Aaron Greenberg. Valerie personalizes the song into a catchy, sensual, and evocative interpretation. It´s the second single of Valerie’s “Be I Am” album, out on September 2nd, 2021. The single was released on August 19th and the music video was out on December 4th, 2021.

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“Valerie Geffner’s new album Be I AM  is a revelation! A strong voice, catchy melodies and lyrics driven by fantastic beats and shimmering keyboard soundscapes courtesy David Sisko. Dreamy electro-pop collides with assertive and confident futurism that moves from a whisper to a scream in the blink of an eye”  ---Gary Lucas

Valerie Geffner is a New York-based multi-faceted artist; a graduate of the Drama Division at Juilliard. She wrote and produced the albums antenna, Magic is Free and recently released BE I AM. Her songs are powerful, uplifting, and electric. She can deliver the classics as effectively as contemporary pop.  Her music is a theatrical & dynamic mix of the avant-garde and electronic.  Valerie has been declared “a commanding presence,” by the LA Times. She has also appeared with world-renowned Pakistani Musician, Salman Ahmad, on the David Lynch transcendental meditation compilation, Download For Good: Music That Changed The World Volume 1' (also featuring Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Amanda Palmer and many more).


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BE I AM album is a hypnotic & intoxicating mix of chants, singing and rhythmic spoken word that weaves the connection of the spiritual to the (very vulnerable) human, it´s a journey and an exploration of being human in this transforming time that we´re living in, a rhythmic, spiritual and dynamic set of tunes. Released on September 2nd.

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With dj Denise and Barb - November 2021

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 New York: Joe’s Pub - Webster Hall -  Club Cumming - Patrick McMullan and Susanne Bartsch parties and events - Ella & 54 Below.

Berlin, Paris & Los Angeles.

Deepak Chopra interview

on Sirius XM -Wellness Stars